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Do you have some awesome ideas you want to see in a block breaker game? Are you a graphics designer wanting to turn a game with crappy graphics into a masterpiece? Don’t have time to start from scratch? No problem!

Few months ago, I teamed up with a friend, Paul Harvey, to make a block breaker game in C# using the Microsoft XNA environment.

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Reversing Numbers

This morning, about 40 minutes after I woke up, I was asked to write a method that prints the digits of a number one by one from right to left. So that if you input 1234, the output will be:


Now that’s easy. All you have to do is divide the number by 10 four times printing the remainder each time. Your code should look something like this: View full article »

Almost everything here will be related to computers and/or programming. This blog will contain a bunch of random articles, code snippets, full programs …etc.

Why this blog? Because I get bored sometimes at 2am.

So… Merry Christmas?